New Years' Resolution Run 2023
Run 2,023 meters in support of your promise on January 1st at any location in the world!
Resolution Run is a holiday run dedicated to your own dream.

The goal is not about time or speed. It is about the fulfillment of your own desire. The commitment can be anything from completing a full marathon distance, learning a new language, learning how to swim, planting a tree, to buying an apartment.

On January 1st run 2,023 meters for the dedication to your dream with the great company of like-minded people!
Заплыв через Бософр
About the run
  • Distance 2,023 meters
    Complete the distance toward your dreams and goals. No finish time or pace, winners or losers.
  • Magic number
    It is a card to yourself with a New Years' Resolution. You will need to write a wish and run 2,023 meters to secure your will.
  • Promises to yourself
    It is proven that if you write down your goal, you will certainly achieve it!
  • Hurricane of emotions
    Nine years in a row, we start the New Year vigorously and create a wave of Resolution Runs around the world!
  • Great people
    Bring your friends, relatives, and even pets. Everyone can join the run!
  • Amazing photos
    Share your run on social media with an unusual way to start New Year.
After the registration, you will receive the number for the race by email
On those numbers, we have written our promises for nine years, and on January 1, 2023, each participant uses this number for his own promise.

Write your goal, complete the distance, and the promise will surely come true!
How It Works
Receive your number
Register, check email, and print your number.
Make a promise
On the number write your promises for the upcoming year. Promises don’t have to be about sports. It can be anything. For example: in 2023 I will run my first half marathon, get married, buy an apartment, move to live in another country, or swim across the Bosphorus. Set bold goals, and run towards their achievement.
Run to support your promise
January 1, 2023 run the distance of the new year in honor of your promises, this year it is — 2,023 meters.
Complete the run and share your emotions with friends
Every year more and more people inspire their friends and family with their achievements. Share your promises and photos from the Resolution Run on social media with the hashtag #irunandpromise2023. Together we will make the new year special!
Registration form
Register, check email, and print your number.
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